Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript


The course aims to provide a basic overview of the technologies used, along with the tools and resources to discover more.

The focus of this course is learning the basics of how and why things work and to provide the basis to build upon in future courses. We will n ot be able to cover everything in great depth or comprehensive detail.

Sessions will be as hands-on and practical as possible. The notes provided will give you and the students a good resource to read through and base your lessons on, but slides have been made h ere, which you can use to conduct your classes - try to be as interactive as possible.


Be prepared

Class 1

HTML Basics

Class 2

CSS Basics

Class 3

GitHub Basics & The Command Line

Class 4

Recap & Development Concepts

Class 5

Bootstrap Basics

Class 6

JavaScript & jQuery Basics

Class 7

Plugins, Website Metrics & Hosting

Learn how to code


Registration open until 22 Sep 2016

Upcoming Events

Ethical Hacking

Saturday 3rd September

Got the hacking bug & interested in learning skills for a career in Cybersecurity? Then this could be the event for you! We have teamed up with Cybersecurity Challenge, The National Museum of Computing & OWASP experts to teach you the basics of hacking.

Hack Your Career

Saturday 7th September

You want to work in tech, but aren't sure what would best suit you? Not sure if you would want to be a product manager or a developer? Wondering whether to go FinTech or FashionTech? Join us to visit a selection of successful tech companies.


Saturday 2nd October

UX is behind everything that we do when we interact with software. It's the emotions of getting frustrated when a field gives us a ridiculous error or the happiness when the page loads in time to tell us we're on time for a train.